204 MHz AIMA-series quad LC/APC return path receiver

Item code: 19011478
Model Number: RRAG-Q-L20

  • Upstream bandwidth 5 – 204 MHz with EuroDOCSIS and DOCSIS 3.1 support
  • RF output 48 dBmV with a -20 dBm optical input and an OMI of 10%
  • 1260 – 1620 nm operating wavelength, to suit CWDM, DWDM, and RFoG applications
  • Wide optical input from -28 dBm to -12 dBm
  • 19-inch 4RU chassis supports up to 16 Application Modules

The Technetix AIMA3000 RRAG series Analog Return Receiver- RFoG is designed for multi-service operators to increase network return capacity and meet an ever-growing demand for bandwidth, while minimizing physical headend space and increasing power efficiency. The RRAG plugs into Technetix latest generation Advanced Intelligent Multi-Service Headend Platform (AIMA3000). The RRAG is specially designed to accommodate low power optical input as low as -28 dBm. The RRAG incorporates four independent optical return-path receivers that operate at wavelengths between 1260-1620 nm. The design allows up to 64 independent receivers in 4 RU of space. The user can set each receiver individually for manual gain control (MGC) mode. The unit has a low noise profile and high performance amplifiers to ensure good signal-to-noise ratio as well as low distortion characteristics. With versatile RF outputs, the RRAG is flexible for various headend configurations.

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