Reduce network energy consumption by up to 30%

HFC network upgrades to 1.2 GHz or 1.8 GHz often require the installation of additional mains powered HFC power supply points, new hardware and the use of higher power-consuming equipment. This typically consumes more power than the legacy infrastructure, saddling operators with additional costs to keep up with the increased power demand.

Access Smart Powering (ASP) presents a breakthrough opportunity for operators to save on energy expenditure powering the HFC network. ASP is fully DC powered, offering 94% efficiency, eliminating the current peaks and subsequent I2R power loss in cabling (prompting saving potentials of more than 20%) and providing a plant power factor of 1.

The DC to AC conversion between the standby battery backup and the output is replaced by a more efficient DC to DC conversion, extending the standby time of the battery backup by 10-20%. The result is substantial cost savings for operators.

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