4-way 1.2 GHz FRA-series in-home amplifier

Item code: 19008723
Model Number: FRA-752X

  • 4 output customer premise amplifier
  • Graduated amplification of downstream signals per port to support different cable lengths (0/2/4/8 dB)
  • Excellent CSO/CTB specifications for downstream signals
  • Extremely high intermodulation specifications for upstream signals
  • Complies with EN Class A screening requirements

The FRA-752/X is a DOCSIS 3.1 compliant 1.218MHz high quality in-home amplifier with 4 active outputs. It also has an active return path with 2dB amplification. It has a 65/85MHz band-split designed to handle high channel loading with excellent intermodulation performance.

The downstream amplification is incremented per port to support different cable lengths. Modem Safe™ technology protects the amplifier and all connected devices against surge pulses. The high port to port isolation and excellent spurious suppression capabilities prevent high level modem signals interfering with radio or TV signals.

This amplifier is designed for applications requiring graduated gain configurations.

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