Single-output 2GHz barrel-style double galvanic isolator

Item code: 19012288
Model Number: TRISZ-DG100BL

  • Best in class RF performance
  • Frequency range 2.0 GHz
  • Modem Safe™ surge protection and intermodulation reduction solution
  • Domestic and Cabinet style housings available

Isolators (frequently referred to as system outlets) are
used to separate the in-home installation or subscriber
equipment from the CATV network. They prevent
hazardous voltages from being transferred to in-home

Technetix supplies two major types of isolator; fully and
semi-isolated system outlets. The TRISZ-DG100BL comprises
fully-isolated system outlets developed to meet the needs
of the European market. They incorporate high voltage
capacitors that provide isolation to both the inner and the
outer conductors of the coaxial connectors.

Operating up to 2 GHz, the TRISZ-DG100BL offers an isolation
solution for full DOCSIS 3.1 deployments while maintaining
high levels of performance and protection.

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