OTRX 2-xx-Lx 2-way 1.2 GHz low loss Regal taps

Item code: 19012764
Model Number: OTRX-2-8LRF

  • ¦ DOCSIS 3.1 ready
  • ¦ Extra low insertion (through) loss
  • ¦ Lower value taps are designed to compensate cable loss
  • ¦ Improved tap loss flatness
  • ¦ RF and power bypass capability

The Technetix OTRX series of Regal compatible outdoor taps
have been developed to provide the lowest insertion loss of
any outdoor passive currently on the market. Saves up to
0.9 dB at 1.2 GHz per tap compared to conventional Regal
style! When cascaded in series 7-8 dB in insertion loss is
achievable in a cascade of nine taps. Reduced insertion
loss enables customer to build their cascade with less line
amplifiers. Saving overall network build cost, power cost and
there by reduction in maintenance cost. Tap loss flatness
is improved (in general for all tap values) compared to
conventional Regal style taps.
Lower tap values are further down in the network and therefore
the RF input signals are more tilted. This feature will deliver
flatter signals across the frequency band to the subscribers.
Tilt compensation is implemented for tap values below 17 dB.
Available in left- and right-hand configurations. Offered in full
taps and faceplate option.
All OTRX 2-way outdoor taps are mechanically identical in
shape with tap values between 4 and 20 dB. All taps feature
sealed female F-ports for drop cable connection on the
faceplate and 5/8″-24NEF female ports for input and output
cable connection on the housing.
The housing has an AC-RF bypass switch as standard, allowing
faceplates to be changed without loss of power or RF through
the tap housing. The faceplates are compatible with other
Regal hardware. Taps may be strand mounted through the
clamp at the back of the housing or can be surface mounted
with an optional bracket. Also, both the housing and connector
design and material selection combine to provide first class
leading corrosion resistance.

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