Fibre termination box – APL

Item code: 19013054
Model Number: FTTH APL

  • 12x splice tray
  • Optimised for pre-assembled fibres
  • 3x couplings, plan and set back position (6x LC)
  • Pulling protection of patch cords
  • Input up to Ø 10 mm small pipe or cable

Modern fibre optics require highly flexible termination boxes. Technetix has developed the APL with its customers, meeting their requirements of an appealing design, extreme robustness and open access.

The box is designed for the management of pre-assembled fibres or splices. This innovative design offers long service life and maximum protection for your investment. The APL box can be wall mounted or flush-mounted. The metal mounting plate can be fixed on the wall and the box can be pre-assembled prior to fitting.

The cover is secured with 2 Torx slotted screws (concealed under the logo), through the box on the mounting plate, to make a secure and durable connection. In this way the FTTH-box-APL protects your fibre installation, while having an inconspicuous design in a living area.

For the fibre input, the following feed-throughs can be used:
1. Through the mounting plate from the socket for pre-assembled fibres.
2. From both sides through the break-outs, for example through the cable duct for pre-assembled fibres.
3. A conduit with up to Ø 10 mm can be secured to the base of the box, including strain relief and a micro-gas stop (for example ConnectCom, Commscope.) 3 holders for couplings are installed in the base, so up to 3 SC or 3 LC-duplex-couplings can be inserted and up to 6 patch cords (LC) can be connected. The couplings are labelled from 1 – 6 on the cover. The left coupling (1-2) is open by default, the four others (3 – 6) are concealed by break-out-covers, which can be opened as required.

The fibre management system offers enough space to store excess lengths of fibre which can be crossed, if required. A holder for up to 12 splices is attached to the FTTH-box-APL and can be inserted into the fibre management system.

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