Fibre Termination Box – SPEED

Item code: 19013006
Model Number: GF-HUEP SPEED

  • 12x splice tray
  • 1x holder PLC-splitter
  • 6x couplings in fold-out tray (12x LC)
  • 3x flexible, divisible sealing sets for 2 – Ø 10 mm
  • Snapping, removable and lockable cover

With its innovative fibre management and sealing concept, the SPEED fibre termination box offers multiple application options while also significantly reducing installation time and providing maximum protection to your investment.

The SPEED box has 3-point wall mounting positions (screws included). It is secured with either 2 sealing wires or alternatively with a lock applied in the middle or on the right fibre inlet.

In the lower section, 3 fibre-ports are present, they are closed on delivery and can be fitted with the required seal sets. The seals are pre-perforated enabling a quick fitting of the pipe, cable or patch cord.

The lower fibre management tray (bottom plate) offers storage for excess lengths of fibre and a clip-mounting for a PLC splitter is also provided.
In the upper, mobile and removable fold-out-tray up to 6 SC/E2000 or LC-Duplex couplings can be fitted. Therefore up to 12 fibres (LC) can be fed out through connectors or alternatively, the SPEED can be used as a pure splice distribution box.

Optional Gabocom speed-pipe-sealing sets can be used for speed-pipes of Ø 5- Ø 12 mm, which can be pushed directly into the seal and provide automatic strain relief.

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