2-way 1.2 GHz vertically-connected outdoor splitter with power passing and test point

Item code: 19007157
Model Number: OSVCX-02/PTP

  • 2-way outdoor splitters enabling vertical connections and power passing
  • Optional test point lid
  • Excellent RF and hum modulation performance
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions

The OSVCX series of outdoor splitters includes 2-way, 3-way balanced, 3-way unbalanced and 4-way splitters. The splitters are offered with the option of integrated Ingress Safe™ noise reduction technology and a test point lid. The test point lid allows a test probe to be used to check incoming/outgoing RF/power without removing the lid or disconnecting cables. Providing surge protection on all ports, and excellent RF and hum modulation performance, the splitters feature 5/8 inch-24 NEF-female ports for in and output cable connection on the housing. The splitters are surface mountable. To aid installation in street cabinets, all ports are on the bottom edge of the unit, pointing in the same direction. Tested under extreme environmental conditions, the splitters are designed to operate near salt water, along busy highways and in very hot conditions.

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