1 GHz 2 dB F-female to F-male inline wideband equaliser

Item code: 19005503
Model Number: CEW-02

  • Complete set of wideband equalisers
  • Suitable for in customer premises and street cabinets
  • CPD Safe – Tin-Nickel housing and F-inner spring
  • Tin-Nickel plated brass F-female input port
  • F-male output port with rotating nut

The CEWs are a range of wideband (5 – 1006 MHz) equalisers for CATV networks. The equalisers compensate for the tilt that is introduced by coaxial cable. This tilt is introduced as higher frequencies have higher attenuations than lower frequencies. Tin-Nickel plated housing and brass input connectors provide a robust housing which is suitable for customer premise and street cabinets. A rotating nut output connector ensures that the unit can be tightened as required without the need to disturb the input connection.

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