1 GHz 16 dB Regal-style outdoor directional coupler

Item code: 10470134
Model Number: ODCR-16

  • Compatible with Regal RLDC directional couplers
  • Excellent RF and hum modulation performance
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions

ODCR outdoor directional couplers are compatible with Regal RLDC directional couplers. The ODCR series offers a variety of tap losses and provides excellent RF performance. ODCR couplers feature 5/8 inch-24 NEF-female ports for in and output cable connection on the housing. The couplers may be strand mounted through the clamp at the back of the housing or surface mounted with an optional bracket. Tested under extreme environmental conditions, the couplers are designed to operate near salt water, along busy highways and in very hot conditions.

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