Click 50 Fibre Termination Box Simplex LC

Item code: PP0189
Model Number: CL50-FTB

  • Internally Shuttered Simplex LC Adapter
  • 45-degree fibre outlet
  • Blank plate can be replaced by second CL50 module
  • Spool plate inside to hold up to 15 metres of fibre
  • CLICK50 module compatible

The CL50-FTB is designed for in-home use with the ability to spool up to 15M of fibre and hold two 45-degree Click 50 fibre outlets. The CL50-FTB consists of a spool plate, cover box, 45-degree Click 50 fibre outlet with simplex internally shuttered LC adaptor and a Click 50 blanking plate. For installation over a double gang wall box, the spool plate is flush mounted directly onto the wall box with the spool contained within. When the fibre protrudes from a single gang wall box or directly through the wall, the spool plate is inverted and screwed onto the wall with the spool on the outside. The cover box is then fitted over the spool plate and the CL50 module and blank plate go into the cover box.

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