1-way 1.2 GHz Ecoline-series taps

Item code: 19010744
Model Number: ETX-1-8

  • High quality 1-way installation taps
  • Modem Safe™ surge protection and intermodulation reduction solution
  • High return loss
  • CPD Safe™ – Tin-Nickel plated housing, silver plated beryllium copper F-contacts
  • Easy to install – compact flat or side mounting

Products within the EcoLine™ range excel both in electrical and mechanical performance. Though designed for use within indoor environments, they are also specified for use within street-side plant.The products are easy to install with a compact housing and some models are stackable. All F-connector contacts meet the SCTE standards (ANSISCTE 02 2006). The material of the inner spring has been designed for connecting coax cables with an inner core of 0.64 to 1.07 mm. It retains this elasticity and provides effective clamping force even when varying thicknesses of inner conductor are connected in succession. The intermodulation performance, which is an important factor in high level return path signals, has been greatly improved through a newly developed ferrite and specially designed circuits. The high frequency shielding exceeds Class A requirements (EN-50083-2:2006) over the whole frequency range from 5 MHz to 1218 MHz.

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