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Technetix is DOCSIS 4.0 ready

May 7, 2024, Albourne, UK – Over the last two years, Technetix broke new ground several times over with their 1.8 GHz DOCSIS 4.0-ready actives and passives development. Besides designing a number of iterations of traditional amplifiers with diplexers, the company developed a diplexer-free flex-split/zero-guard-band solution within their active product line and booster amplifiers. Part of Technetix’ One TouchTM portfolio that supports DOCSIS 3.1, 4.0 ESD, 4.0 FDx, and the new Unified variation, this critical innovation facilitates a one-touch, future-proof network upgrade system. Put to the test in an outside plant field trial with a Dutch operator in 2023, the solution yielded a 17 Gbps data throughput – twice the download speed of XGS-PON.  

Meanwhile, development continued on Technetix’ outdoor and indoor passives catalog for their DOCSIS 4.0 product lines. In spring 2024, the company launched their XFO multitap and became the only vendor in the world to offer a faceplate-only swap for 1.8 GHz upgrade. Providing the industry with a breakthrough passive solution to eliminate the need to replace taps in their entirety, XFO’s resource-light, ‘business-as-usual’ capability can be deployed in under two minutes with absolutely no network shutdown. In addition to this phenomenal innovation, Technetix’ OTTZ range and XGT offer price-competitive and high-end modular outdoor solutions respectively.  

Technetix’ indoor product range, including its Core series and galvanic safety isolators, make up their last-in-line product portfolio which delivers in-home DOCSIS 4.0 signals to CPE equipment, delivering all-important 10 Gbps data connection.  

Technetix’ Chief Technology Officer, Jan Ariesen, said, “I am beyond proud of the team that created these breakthrough solutions. The products and variety we can offer to our customers opens the door to a 2035 plus network to give them a healthy competitive position in this speed and quality related race.” 

If you would like to hear more about these products, Technetix experts will be at ANGA COM for live demonstrations. Visit stand C30 in Hall 8 at the event.