Triple-output push-on Radio/TV/Data wall outlet

Item code: 19002752
Model Number: XQT-OL5

The XQT-OL5 is a push-on diplex filter that converts existing wall outlets into multimedia connections, enabling high speed data services and trouble-free use of analogue and digital radio and TV channels. The XQT-OL5’s reversible input adapter plate allows the unit to be mounted in two different ways – with the output connectors facing either downwards or upwards. This enables the unit to be used with wall outlets that have been mounted upside down or that are mounted so close to the fl oor that cables cannot be conected from below the unit. The XQT-OL5’s internal circuitry connects the TV port to the return path, allowing a set-top box to be connected to the TV port. As a self-install solution, the XQT-OL5 is ideal for operators rolling out interactive services on their networks.

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