Technetix Powerline Wi-Fi Access Point

Item code: 11201901
Model Number: PLA-WIFI-01

  • Technology
  • Plug & Play – simple five minute setup – no apps – no configurations – no registration
  • Seamless roaming technology for automatic configuration of your second Wi-Fi unit SSID, moving users seamlessly between the two units
  • Use in combination with the Technetix Powerline bridge
  • Gift box includes CAT6 patch cord, user manual and Wi-Fi access card

The Powerline Wi-Fi unit is used to create a powerful Wi-Fi network using the existing mains electrical wiring. One Wi-Fi unit is placed by the internet modem and the additional Wi-Fi units should be located where the signal needs to be improved. The units are linked by pressing the ‘link’ button for three seconds. The Technetix Wi-Fi units will automatically create one Wi-Fi SSID with one password after they are linked. The units will work together and automatically move users to the best performing unit in real time.

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