Premises amplifier 2 outputs unity gain

Item code: 19013808
Model Number: HDU-200

  • Unity gain amplification of downstream and upstream signals
  • Direct DC powered through dedicated port
  • Input Modem Safe surge protection
  • Complies with EN Class A+ screening requirements
  • Excellent RF specification

The HDU-200 is a two-output high quality in-home
amplifier with an active return path for systems with a
65/85 MHz band split.

Designed to handle high channel loading with excellent
intermodulation specifications, this amplifier offers
‘future proofing’ for the transfer of digital TV channels.
Unity amplification gain in both the downstream and
upstream ensures that signal levels are maintained and
are consistent for the home installation.

Dual DC powering options ensures that the unit can be
effectively installed in a variety of in-home configurations.
Modem Safe technology protects the amplifier and all
connected devices against surge pulses.

The high port to port isolation and excellent spurious
suppression capabilities prevent high level modem
signals interfering with radio or TV signals.

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