Dual-output 1 GHz TWO-series Data/TV wall outlet with loop through and cover

Item code: 19003909
Model Number: TWO-260/D4-1G

  • Dual output isolators – TV and Data
  • 5 – 1006 MHz
  • Modem Safe™ surge protection and intermodulation reduction solution
  • Meets EN Class A screening requirements
  • High isolation between ports

Designed for easy in-home installation, the TWO series contains wall outlets to suit a range of home network configurations.

The TWO-260/D4-1G is used to connect a cable modem and a TV set to the cable network. High isolation between output ports is achieved by using high quality diplex filters and prevents the cable modem from generating interference on the TV channels. Low upstream attenuation on the cable port provides cable operators with greater flexibility in the return path.

The TWO-260/D4-1G’s durable zinc die-cast housing with high quality in and output connectors offers trouble-free multimedia connectivity. The different connectors for TV (IEC male) and the data port (F-female) clearly mark the dedicated connection points for TV and data applications . The TWO-260/D4-1G has a loop through feature for cascaded in home networks.

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