4-way 1 GHz 4.5 dB in-home push-on amplifier

Item code: 19004650
Model Number: BDA-02

  • 4 output plug on amplifier with loop through Radio port
  • Input Modem Safe™ secured
  • High port to port isolation performance
  • Easy mounting
  • Good return path intermodulation figures

The BDA-02 is a compact, high quality 4-output home amplifier with good RF figures. The amplifier is designed for use in the 5-65 MHz return path and 85-1006 MHz forward path. Mounting is very easy, the BDA-02 pushes on to a standard wall outlet and the in-home coax network is extended to 4 data/TV connections and a loop through radio port. The high port to port isolation and the excellent spurious suppression guarantees that signals from each port cannot interfere with each other. The input port of the BDA-02 is protected by our Modem Safe technology. This means that the BDA-02 and all equipment connected to the BDA-02 is protected against surge pulses. This amplifier is designed for flexible applications requiring levelled gain configurations and a radio output.

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