4-way 1.2 GHz Double Galvanic MoCA®-enhancing outdoor taps

Item code: PP0024
Model Number: DGOTX-4-xx/MP

  • 4-way double galvanic outdoor tap
  • MoCA® filter – prevents MoCA® signals from travelling through the network and into neighbouring properties
  • Robust aluminium housing with Alocrom conversion coating designed for extreme temperatures
  • Double galvanic isolation to all subscriber ports

The DGOTX (double galvanic outdoor tap) series offers 8-, 4- and 2-way taps with a variety of tap losses from 8 dB to 20 dB dependent on the type of tap. These taps are designed for situations where galvanic isolation of the subscriber outlet in the home is not practical or cannot be retrofitted economically. Each output portfully isolated and designed to comply with applicable safety sections of EN 50083 and EN 60065. Optional MoCA® 2.0-filtered versions are available. Equipped with a MoCA®2.0 filter, DGOTX taps reflect MoCA® signals between 1400 MHz and 1675 MHz back into the subscriber’s home, preventing them from travelling through the network and into neighbouring properties.

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