4-way 1.2 GHz Core-series inline taps

Item code: 19012841
Model Number: CTX-4-10-LG

  • High-quality installation splitter
  • Modem Safe® surge protection
  • CPD SafeTM corrosion protection
  • Compact, white bronze plated housing

The Core series is our next generation of installation passives which excel in both electrical and mechanical performance. Though designed for indoor use, they are also specified for use in street-side plant due to their IP68 rating. The products are easy to install with a compact housing, specifically sized to make replacement and upgrade installation simple.

All F-connector contacts meet BS EN IEC 61169-24:2019 standards. The inner spring has been designed to accomodate a wide range of coax cables with an inner core of 0.64 to 1.30mm. It retains its elasticity and provides superior clamping forces, even when varying thicknesses of inner conductor are connected in succession.

Intermodulation performance, which is an important factor in high-level return path signals, has been greatly improved through a newly developed ferrite and specially designed circuits.

The screening effectiveness meets the Class A++ requirements defined in BS EN 50083-2:2012 across the whole frequency range from 12 to 1218 MHz.

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