30-way 1.2 GHz cableless tap bank

Item code: 19008528
Model Number: MTB-30

  • Compact modular sise
  • Expandable options
  • Superior Performance
  • Modem Safe™
  • CPD Safe™

New range Modular Tap Banks by Technetix have been designed to offer the customer a flexible and robust product within the minimum footprint and with the minimum cabling. The mechanical design is completely reversible allowing two MTB-30s to be configured side by side with a standard two way splitter as a 60-way tap bank. The footprint of the 60-way may further be reduced with the use of two TB1-BP4 Stacking Brackets as below giving a total combined width of 200mm. The 6-way and 8-way splitter units may be disconnected and replaced without signal interruption to other outputs. All F connectors are tin-nickel plated.

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