1.8 GHz fully isolated loop through wall outlet 4dB

Item code: 19012907
Model Number: SQZ-104-NCL

  • ‘Twist and Lock’ data / TV diplexer option
  • Modem Safe® surge protection
  • Outstanding consistent screening efficiency through patented cable clamp design
  • DOCSIS 4.0 compatible
  • Terminated and loop-through available

The Technetix SQZ range of wall outlets accommodates all
DOCSIS 4.0 needs with excellent performance up to 1.8 GHz.

The design of this outlet facilitates a smooth future upgrade to
a 1.8 GHz network. If different downstream/upstream divisions
are required, the diplexer module can be simply replaced.

Due to Technetix’ patented cable clamp technology, these
outlets provide a consistent high level (Class A+ 10dB) of EMC screening
over the products lifetime. Over time, the screening of other
wall outlet cable terminations reduces because the dielectric
material at the end of the coax gradually creeps under
pressure from the cable clamp, thus the contact between the
cable screen and the outlet clamp steadily reduces. Inbuilt
springs within the Technetix clamp maintain a constant contact
between the clamp and the cable screen, even when the cable
gradually moves, ensuring consistent excellent EM screening
from LTE and other unwanted signals.

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