XGT Multitap Platform 1.8 GHz Coupler Module CM19

Item code: 19013844
Model Number: XGT1800-CM19

  • Frequency range 12-1825 MHz
  • Coupler Module can be replaced independent of the faceplate
  • Power Passing capabilities up to 15A continues
  • Can withstand surges of 6kV combination wave
  • Compliant to the latest SCTE standards for multitaps

Coupler Module ‘XGT1800-CM04’ shall give a tap value of 23 dB with 2-way faceplate, 26 dB with a 4-way faceplate and 29 dB with a 8-way faceplate.

Technetix XGT: The new 1.8 GHz modular multitap to extend
your outdoor plant to 10G now and to be ready for 25G-3 GHz
in the future. The XGT range is DOCSIS 4.0 ready with 1.8 GHz
faceplates and coupler modules (CM) provided as standard.
The back boxes are DOCSIS 4.1 ready with outstanding
performance up to 3 GHz. A modular approach makes multiple
new features possible that were previously unachievable. The
XGT modular tap is more cost effective over its product lifetime
and has a decreased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared
to conventional taps.

The CM concept means that the directional coupler is separate
from the faceplate which eliminates 60% to 80% of tap SKUs,
easing inventory management and reducing working capital.
The operational supply chain from central warehouses and
distribution hubs through to technicians’ trucks will benefit from
this inventory reduction. The XGT range can be supplied
pre-assembled for large, preplanned deployments or as
individual parts for maintenance.

Most multitap maintenance is carried out on the faceplate,
replacing damaged F-ports. With XGT taps the power and RF
line feeds are not interrupted if a faceplate is changed. This
means there are no service or power interruptions during
maintenance, which would result in resetting nodes down
the line. When a coupler module is changed, an external
bypass tool ensures that there is no power break further down
the line. A major benefit is that a maintenance technician only
need carry three faceplate types (2-way, 4-way and 8-way) in
their truck instead of multiple versions with different multitap
dB values.

The coupler module can be replaced in seconds during final
alignment or maintenance with minimal service interruption.
Single-handed installation with no tools required make it
convenient for difficult to access locations. Only 5 to 9 types of
coupler module are required replacing over 30 different value
and output faceplate combinations.

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