RLA++ RF flyleads

Build quality is key

  • LTE-protected, Class A++ screening effectiveness end-to-end
  • Superior RF performance is maintained using a push on connector
  • Tool-less installation on customer premises

The quality of the connection and the quality of service experienced by the customer are only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, the quality and reliability of flyleads is as important as the other components of a cable system. Attention to detail in the specification of the materials, in addition to construction and performance characteristics, ensure that the customer experience is optimised from installation and throughout a long service life.

The connectors are tightly secured and molded to the cables to ensure good pull and strain relief. The cables’ inner conductors are soldered to their inner pins (rather than crimped) to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical performance. Transmission performance is guaranteed 5 to 2400 MHz making RLA++ flyleads DOCSIS 4.0 ready.

Quad shield for superb ingress protection

There are many external sources of electromagnetic radiation interference present in the in-home environment, particularly LTE and 5G mobile phones which transmit in the 663 to 915 MHz frequency range. The screening effectiveness of a cable therefore needs to mitigate the effects of both the egress and ingress of unwanted signals. To meet these requirements, the RF specification of the Technetix flylead exceeds Class A++ screening effectiveness over the whole frequency range, using quad shield braid and foil cable.

Self-install success rate

Self-install for new subscribers has played a key part in onboarding new customers without a technician visiting the home. The push-on ‘F’ connectors do not rely on the customer using a torque wrench to achieve guaranteed low noise ingress and mobile interference – increasing the success rate of self-installation packages and decreasing the total cost of onboarding a new customer. The RLA++ range can be customised to specification, all lengths, connector combinations and cable colours available for your self-installation kit or any other purpose.