Virtual Segmentation

Technetix LG Summit award winnerTechnetix SCTE award winner
  • Deploy an RPD without fibre
  • Up to 10 Gbps symmetrical over coax
  • Network is 'virtually' segmented

Higher bandwidth demand

The current drive for speed in the broadband industry is forcing broadband network operators to create smaller service groups to deliver data to the subscriber. Historically the average number of homes passed to an optical node was between 500 to 2000 homes.

This number will fall even further to 125 to 250 homes passed per node, meaning that fibre will have to go deeper into the network.

Disadvantages of deploying fibre:
  • Trenching cable and underground components
  • High cost, time, civic/bureaucratic permits

Solution – Virtual Segmentation™

The Technetix Virtual Segmentation™ solution provides extra bandwidth on existing coaxial cable to feed the Remote PHY Device (RPD) without deploying fibre to the new segmentation site. Virtual Segmentation™ enables operators to overlay additional bandwidth on their existing coax infrastructure so an RPD can be deployed without fibre deployment.

  • Existing infrastructure is retained - Virtual Segmentation™ is an add-on
  • Cost efficient
  • Future bandwidth growth

80% CAPEX reduction with Virtual Segmentation