Portable LiFePO4 2560 Wh/2000 W 120 VAC Generator (LBACG-2560)

An alternative to natural gas-powered AC generators, our sustainable solution provides uncompromised performance. Its high-efficiency AC inverter noiselessly produces clean, safe, and regulated 120 VAC, 60 Hz sine wave power. Ideal for HFC and telecom applications in power outage scenarios, the unit is capable of powering anything from network power supplies to small cell radios, tools, phone chargers, fiber optic splicers, and even small air conditioning units.

  • 2.56 kWh of energy storage and a 2.0 kW continuous (4.0 kW surge) power output
  • Full charge attained in under four hours from the 882 W AC mains charger or the integrated solar charge port
  • 24lbs/ 11kg product weight for portability