• LTE-protected, Class A++ screening effectiveness end-to-end
  • Superior RF performance is maintained using a push on connector
  • Tool-less installation on customer premises

Next level screening effectiveness for in‑home fly leads

Next level screening effectiveness for in home fly leads
Extensive range of connector and length combinations available
RLA++ fly leads are easy to install and provide superior screening, ensuring high levels of signal integrity within the home.

Class A++ performance ensures your signal is protected from electromagnetic radiation from radio, cellular, Wi‑Fi, DECT and other services operating on external frequencies. In‑home devices are also protected from radiation of the DOCSIS signal.

Class A++ performance

Outstanding broadband service is achievable, but only when all the network components are manufactured and specified to the same high quality. A reliable assembly should be provided by using precise dimensions for resilient connectors and inner pins. Connectors must also be tightly secured and moulded to the cables to ensure good pull and strain relief. The cables inner conductors are soldered to the inner pins to maintain outstanding electrical and mechanical performance. Push-on connectors eliminate and design out the major cause of interference ingress on home installs - loose connectors.

There are many external sources of electromagnetic radiation present in the in home environment, including short wave radio, mobile phones and DVB-T. It is crucial that the screening effectiveness of a fly lead mitigates the effects of egress and ingress of unwanted signals.

The RF specification of Technetix fly leads meets all these requirements:

  • Low insertion loss
  • High return loss
  • Exceeds Class A++ screening effectiveness over entire frequency range
  • Quadruple shielding with a mix of braids and foils