• DOCSIS 3.1 spectrum compatibility
  • Excellent RF and power bypass capabilities
  • Special powder coating for extreme environmental conditions

Tap into the future

1.2 GHz outdoor tapsThe Technetix 1.2 GHz tap range allows operators to upgrade existing broadband networks efficiently,costeffectively, providing an improved service and additional bandwidth to their subscribers. The 1.2 GHz taps and replacement faceplates are fully backwards-compatible with existing equipment in the field, so you can seamlessly upgrade existing taps in the network without having to replace any other peripheral devices.

Technetix’ 1.2 GHz taps come in the following styles:

  • Motorola
  • Regal (narrow and wide body taps)
  • Scientific Atlanta (narrow and wide body taps)

All styles are fully backward-compatible with existing housings in the field
The range can accommodate standard plug-in signal conditioning modules:

  • Cable equalizers
  • Cable simulators
  • Return-path attenuators

Features and benefits:

  1. DOCSIS 3.1 compliant
  2. Ease of upgrade:
    • RF and power bypass capability so the network remains active during a faceplate change
    • Identical shape and full backward-compatibility with their respective OEM housings and existing Technetix
    • 1 GHz housings
  3. Improved service and reliability:
    • Excellent RF and hum modulation performance
    • Accommodates standard plug-in conditioning modules
    • for signal optimization in the field
    • Double-sided FR-4 quality printed circuit boards with NiSN connections for better electrical contact, improved CPD performance, superior shielding properties and RF performance
  4. Environmental reliability:
    • Faceplates fit seamlessly with a watertight seal
    • The aluminum housing is coated with an anti-corrosion and electrolysis-reducing layer, designed to provide years of trouble-free service, even in the most extreme and corrosive environments
    • IEEE compliance and the ability to withstand a 6 kV combination wave surge; preventing damage to network components and subscriber electronics caused by lightning strikes or power surges
    • Sealed F-ports to prevent moisture migration

Advanced environmental protection:

Aluminum housing is coated with a passivation layer of trivalent chromium prior to powder coating. This treatment reduces electrolysis, prevents corrosion and provides excellent adhesion for the exterior coating.

Powder coating on 1.2 GHz outdoor taps