RF Fly leads to avoid LTE ingress

Super screening!

A network is made up of a number of different parts, each specifically designed to push through a clear signal to the end-user. If at any point there is a weak connection, the quality of the signal can be compromised. Due to the increased pressure of next generation devices such as LTE/4G which transmit at the same frequency spectrum as cable TV networks, there is an increased risk of interference within the home environment.

RLA++ cable connectors, angled and straight
  • LTE-protected, Class A++ screening effectiveness end-to-end
  • Superior RF performance is maintained using a push on connector
  • Tool-less installation on customer premises

Superior performance

Our RLA’s are made to Technetix’s high standards of quality and signal integrity. The cables’ inner conductors are soldered to their inner pins to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical performance. There are many external sources of electromagnetic radiation present in the in-home environment, including short wave radio, mobile phones, DVB-T and others. The screening effectiveness of a fly lead, therefore, needs to mitigate the effects of both the egress and ingress of unwanted signals.


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