• DOCSIS 3.1 CCAP-compliant headend combining solution
  • Active combining preserves top-quality CSO/CTB/MER
  • Non-interruption electronic slope and level control on every port

Award-winning Technetix EZ-AmpChallenging the future

The introduction of DOCSIS 3.1 extends the downstream frequency band to 1.2 GHz, as well as elevating the upstream band to 204 MHz high split. 1.2 GHz in-home amplifiers are currently deployed with a fixed band-split at 42/54 or 65/85 MHz depending on the region of operation. When a home is upgraded from DOCSIS 3.0 to DOCSIS 3.1, the in-home amplifier to split has to be elevated to the 204/258 MHz split. This will require an expensive truck-roll to change the amplifier in the customer's home or a complex and expensive universal upgrade programme with all customers. All current customer premise amplifiers with a low-split need to be replaced as soon as the diplex filter exchange happens in access networks.

A solution to amplify the CPE

Award-winning Technetix EZ-Amp
Award-winning Technetix EZ-Amp
Technetix has overcome this challenge by introducing its EZ-Amp series of amplifiers featuring automatically switchable diplex filters that enable a ‘no touch’ upstream upgrade in the home. When upgrading legacy 862 MHz or 1 GHz networks to 1.2 GHz today, Technetix enables users to prepare the upstream for the future.

The EZ-Amp basic series includes Technetix patented technology containing automatically switchable diplex filters. When the remote upgrade to a new split is activated, the modems at home will start to transmit RF signals above 65 MHz. The EZ-Amp will detect these signals and switch the diplex filters automatically to pass these new DOCSIS 3.1 upstream RF signals.

The RF detection in the EZ-Amp automatically identifies modems ranging in the higher upstream band and immediately adjusts its internal circuitry, allowing these higher upstream frequency signals to pass in the full new 204 MHz upstream band. This means that no data is lost for the customer and no further interference is required from the operator to allow DOCSIS 3.1 upgrades in the home.

This patented switching technology has been tested and verified in real life network environments.