DBx platform with Remote PHY


Remote PHY (R-PHY) technology enables the up- and downstream relocation of traditional headend elements, generating 10 Gbps of data on a remote location. While the technology has been part of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard since the release of the requirement specification, there are challenges in the network that still need to be overcome. Available power, space and the size of existing street cabinets considerably limit the number of options available to operators seeking to deploy this next step in the evolution of their networks.

  • Very low power consumption to fit in existing power plant
  • Best TCO product in the market
  • Ready for deployment TODAY


R-PHY technology is now available as an upgrade to Technetix’ existing DBx platform. In partnership with Harmonic, the R-PHY enabled DBx nodes provide a solution that combines low power consumption with a compact housing, ideally suited for the most challenging setups and upgrade scenarios.

The 1x2 DBx R-PHY configuration typically consumes less than 50W and a simple lid upgrade is all it takes to convert a deployed DBx RF amplifier or node into an R-PHY device. Each upgrade kit comes pre-wired and connectorised, allowing an upgrade in less than 10 minutes, end-to-end. With Technetix’ proven operational benefits in the field, the upgrade can literally be performed by anyone. Considering Technetix’ DBx footprint of over 500,000 units worldwide, this upgrade option also makes a considerable contribution to a green and sustainable network evolution.


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