Technetix Add XGS-PON to Final Mile Access Solutions

Technetix is delighted to announce its 10/10G symmetrical XGS-PON solution and 10G EPON solution, including a flexible and pluggable micro 10G PON Optical Line Terminal (OLT), powered by technology from TiBiT Communications.

This addition to Technetix’ fibre portfolio further enhances the world class DBx access platform, which can now offer XGS-PON and 10G EPON in addition to traditional HFC, RFoG and Remote PHY services. It is feasible to build a high RF level RPD node and OLT in one housing using these building blocks, as this modular and flexible solution evolves with the needs of the network operator. There are approaching 1 million DBx units in the field which can now deliver high speed business services via fibre to enterprise, add 5G backhaul into existing networks, as well as serving more traditional PON FTTH network architectures.

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The Class of 2020 – Paul Broadhurst is inducted to Cable TV Pioneers

16th July, 2020, Albourne, UK - Technetix is proud to announce that Paul Broadhurst, Chief Executive Officer, is to be inducted into the class of 2020 as a Cable TV Pioneer. Broadhurst is one of 22 new members of the organisation, which includes a wide spectrum of industry figures who have made, and continue to make, a contribution to the growth of the industry.

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Unleashing Endless Possibilities for Cable Networks

There has always been a clear divide between upstream and downstream data splits, making it possible to upgrade signals in the existing network using by-pass filters and diplex filters in the active components. But this separation has become a limiting factor when upgrading the network; each upgrade requires new filters and additional labour. Technetix has now developed a bi-directional amplifier, without the need for diplex filters. This article will explain how to create more bandwidth and flexibility within the same infrastructure and how this technology will make 1.8GHz ESD installations feasible without amplifier respacing.

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All roads lead to DOCSIS 4.0

Designing and maintaining a high-performance Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) network is a bit of a dance. You manage your signal strength along the transmission path to avoid two extremes: (1) too high a transmission level and you distort your signals, and (2) too low a transmission level and your weak signal will get lost in the noise.

One of the key features of the new DOCSIS 4.0 specification is expanding our cable plant spectrum from today's 750MHz/860MHz/1GHz to 1.8GHz. This nearly doubles the spectral capacity for much of today's HFC networks.

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Medior Software Developer / Senior Software Developer

Technetix is dringend op zoek naar

een Medior Software Developer en een Senior Software Developer

Ondanks Corona blijven wij hard doorwerken om de meest innovatieve producten te ontwikkelen die wereldwijd gebruikt worden in breedband kabel-TV en telecommunicatienetwerken. Daarom zijn wij dringend op zoek naar een Medior en een Senior Software Developer. 

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The Journey to DOCSIS 4.0

Demand for bandwidth over the cable network is higher than ever, as domestic and commercial usage increases daily, operators are reporting increases of over 20% in downstream traffic and increases of at least 50% in the upstream in the last few months. 

Technetix recognised the need for flexibility and, as a result, developed the Direction Neutral Amplifier (DNA), an innovative solution for CATV networks with patented flexible split technology. Lab tests have shown that, in combination with a Distributed Gain Architecture (DGA), the DNA will improve network performance and flexibility, while power consumption decreases by 30%. 

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Technetix sees demand for supplies surge as cable ops bulk up self-install kits

11th May 2020, The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many aspects of the cable and broadband landscape, forcing some operators to quickly augment their residential networks to stand up to spikes in traffic as consumers stayed at home.

Technetix has been shoring up inventory as demand for quick access to these components and supplies ramped up. In fact, during the pandemic Technetix has seen these needs extend well above those caused by other smaller-scale events or disruptions, such as hurricanes, that required the company to accelerate access to cabling, connectors and other types of gear required for self-install kits, according to Sandy Howe, EVP and president, Americas, at Technetix.

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Technetix is delighted to join Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA)

30th April 2020, Albourne, UK - Technetix has joined the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA). The UK headquartered company, established in 1990, provides award-winning technologies to broadband customers across the globe including optical access networking products. As a member of INCA, Technetix will help operators maximise the potential from their existing access network infrastructure.

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MaxLinear powers Technetix Virtual Segmentation™ solution for wireless backhaul over cable

MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE: MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications, today announced that Technetix Group’s Virtual Segmentation solution is in production driven by its MxL85110 broadband modem enabling gigabit throughput over coaxial cable infrastructure.

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